5 Tips to Maintain Your Solar Water Heater

tipMaintaining your solar water heater is very important to improve its functionality for the long haul. In fact, proper care of your product can help you save money on electronics too. You just need to remember these tips to ensure your system works well today and the many years to come:

1. Regularly clean the glass cover. Dust and dirt usually settle down on the glass cover that may block the sun's rays and reduce your system's output. Check your glass cover from time to time, especially when your area is prone to a dusty environment.

2. Keep your system away from shady areas. Any obstacles, such as a tree, a house, or a building may block your system’s collector. Remember that the collector is designed to collect and absorb the thermal energy. Any blockages may result in a reduced amount of sunshine to pass through. This is also the reason why you need a solar contractor to install your thermal system. These experts can help strategize the placement of your solar water heater too.

3. Flush out completely. Do this annually to remove debris or dirt that may block the collector pipes. Blocked collector pipes may mean lesser energy outputs.

4. Minimize the use of hot water. Too much use of hot water may easily deplete your energy source. It is always best to conserve your water consumption to leave more room for back-up energy.

5. Check the cladding of the storage tank, collector, and pipes. A damaged cladding can be easily soaked with rainwater or dirt, worsening the condition of your solar water heater. Seek necessary repairs immediately to avoid further damage.

Additional tip: Do not use coarse materials when cleaning the glass cover and other parts of your thermal system. This may create a scratch or crack that can damage your product. Instead, use soft cleaning materials.

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