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Solar water heaters come in a wide variety of designs. They include a collector and storage tank, and they all use the sun’s thermal energy to heat or preheat your water.
Below are the different collector types of a solar water heater:


These collectors consist of copper tubes tailored to flat absorber plates. The flat plate is stored within an insulated box and is covered with tempered glass. Flat-plate collectors are designed to accommodate up to 40 gallons of water. Buying two flat-plate collectors can provide heated water sufficient for a family of four.


Also known as Integrated Collector-Storage (ICS) systems, they heat water in dark tanks or tubes within insulated boxes. Heated water can remain in the collector for long periods, hence the water released can be very hot. You need a tempering valve to decrease the water’s temperature and avoid scalding at the tap.


This heat water system is the most efficient type of all collectors available. They function similarly to a thermos where a glass or metal tube contains the water and space is filled with vacuum to avoid significant heat loss. Evacuated tube collectors are ideal even in overcast conditions and low temperatures.

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